Who We Serve

New & Used Auto Dealerships

We provide auto dealerships with equipment, parts, and accessories. Automotive parts are used in their maintenance services or otherwise sold as spare parts at dealerships.

Service & Repair Centers

Mechanics rely on United Auto Supply to get them the parts they need, fast. We provide service and repair centers with the parts they need for complete auto repair and maintenance.

Auto Supply & Parts Stores

United Auto Supply provides parts to retail businesses that sell automotive parts and related accessories to consumers and repair shops.


Local governments use United Auto Supply to provide parts for a variety of services such as parks and recreation, police and fire departments, emergency services, transportation, and so forth.

Heavy Duty Fleets

United Auto Supply provides the parts necessary for heavy duty fleets, built and designed the handle demanding tasks and significant weight over long distances.

Independent Auto Shops

Independent or private auto installers rely on United Auto Supply to provide their shop with parts for their installations from accessories to maintenance parts.

Over-The-Counter Sales

Local parts stores use United Auto Supply to deliver the parts they need to sell to their customers conveniently. The customer can buy their part same day and get to work!


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