Corporate Office

Jim Ranalli, CEO
James Ranalli III, President
Christopher Alger, CFO
Chip Raven, General Manager
Carol Oatman, Assistant General Manager
Cody Barbuto, Business Intelligence Analyst
Kendra Lanty, Director of Purchasing
Beth Detor, Director of Purchasing
Human Resources, Human Resources Team
Jean Witt, Corporate Sales
Nicole VanDeuson, Sales Manager

Company Head Quarters

Warehouse and Corporate Offices
1200 State Fair Boulevard
Syracuse, NY 13209

Fax Numbers

Fax Corporate Confidential 315-679-5586
Fax Corporate 315-836-4857
Fax Human Resources 315-505-4713
Fax Store & Zone Managers 315-836-4545
Fax Orders 866-308-3020