United Auto Supply CORE BANKING


    United Auto Supply is offering preferred customers the option to elect "Core Banking" as a way to minimize their cash outlay for cores (Click here to view the sample invoice). This program allows our customers to bank cores instead of paying for them when purchased. You can either drop-off your cores or the next time our driver makes a delivery, he will bring you a return slip asking for the core to be returned (Click here to view the sample return slip). All cores must be returned to United Auto Supply within 7 days of purchase otherwise we will be contacting you to find out why the core has not been returned. If for some reason you cannot return the core, once we mutually agree, we will bill your account. Please keep in mind, if you return the core after we have billed your account you will receive core credit.

    By completing the form to the left and submitting your request, you are electing to be placed on Core Banking and agree to the terms of the program as stated above. Your salesman will be contacting you shortly to let you know whether your core banking request has been approved.

    Complete the fields below or download the form here and send it torapid@unitedautosupply.com